The Middlesex County Museum has partnered with the Town of Urbanna to curate exhibits in the historic Scottish Factor Store located within the town. Built in 1766 by James Mills, the building is one of the oldest still standing in the county and was an early center of trade and commerce for Middlesex.

The 1755 John Mitchell Map is the focus of one of the exhibits. As one of the earliest maps drawn of the 13 Colonies of America, it was used to negotiate the treaties between Britain and the United States that ended the Revolutionary War. This beautifully drawn map takes up an entire wall and is quite spectacular to see. Other exhibits in the room with the map overview James Mills and Company and Urbanna’s Scottish Factor Store. Displays detail commerce and trade in the 1700s and the role of tobacco in the success of the Scottish Factor Stores in Virginia. On loan for the exhibit are antiques from the collections of Trimbles Tavern Antiques. A large assortment of period objects that would have been sold in the store during the 18th century is included in the display.

“The Oyster Is King” is the theme of another exhibit that showcases the importance of the oyster and oystering to Middlesex County’s history. A vast variety of historical objects and photographs explain the process and procedures of growing and harvesting this delicious mollusk including touch and feel buckets and video footage.

Urbanna’s Scottish Factor Store is open Friday and Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm.