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Books Available at the Middlesex Museum

wDid you know the Middlesex Museum has a host of books available to visitors?

Here’s a list to keep handy for any upcoming research you may have or for your next visit!

Only Available at Middlesex Museum

  • Family Histories of Middlesex County, Virginia
  • The Wiatt Family of Virginia
  • The Edward Clark Genealogy by WB Smith
  • A History of Lower King and Queen Baptist Church
  • History of Virginia’s Navy by  Rbt. A. Stewart
  • Lives and Times in Tidewater VA. by Mary W. Buxton
  • Middlesex County Virginia 1810 Tax List
  • Virginians Along bend Near the Lower Rappahannock River 1607-1794 By John Olto
  • Marine Ages of Gloucester Co. VA By Francis Haywood
  • Index to Printed VA Genealogies Inc. Key and Bibliography Compiled by Robert A. Stewart
  • Mathews Co. VA Records by Jane B. Goodsell

Available at Amazon, Abe Books, EBay, and the Museum

  • Virginia’s Historical Markers by Margaret Peters
  • Guide to Virginia’s Military 1861-1865 by Lee A Wallace
  • Apprentices of Virginia by Harold Gile
  • Historical Records Survey Work Index of Obits Religious Herald
  • 1st Virginia Regiment of Foot by M. Lee Minnis
  • Twelve Virginia Counties
  • Index to US Pension Records 1801-1815
  • 36th Infantry US Colored Troops in Civil War
  • True Story of Pocahontas by Custalow and Daniel
  • 55th Virginia Infantry by O’Sullivan
  • A Place in Time Middlesex Co. Virginia. 1650-1750 by Garrett B. And Aneta H. Rutman, W.W. Norton & Co. 1984
  • Vital Records of the Three Gunned County: Birth, Marriage, and Death of King and Queen, King William, and New Kent Counties, VA.
  • Vestry Book of Petsworth Parish, Gloucester County, VA 1677-1793
  • Roster Soldiers and Sailors Spanish American (Maryland) by Hugh Rudgely Riley
  • Middlesex, VA Marriage Records 1853-1904 Federal Census 1880 Middlesex Co. VA. By Catherine Moore Traylor
  • Catalogue of Rev. Soldiers and Sailors of Commonwealth of VA to whom lend Bounty Warrants were granted by VA for Military Services in the War for Independence. Compiled by Samuel M. Wilson C.1913
  • Lancaster Co. VA Marriage Bonds 1652-1850 Compiled by Ida J. Lee Pub 1965.
  • 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners Mathews Co. By Roger G. Ward
  • How Justice Grew- Abstract of their formation by Martha Hiden
  • Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors from Lancaster Co. VA Rolls of 92nd regiment of VA Militia, Lancaster Co. VA Compiled by Straton Nottingham.
  • Richmond Marriage Bonds 1797-1853 Compiled by Annette Reddy and Andrew Riffle, IV.
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