The Middlesex County Museum and Historical Society is devoted to discovering, preserving, exhibiting, and studying the remnants of our shared 350 years of history with fellow citizens and visitors.

Over the past year we have:

  • Completed the filming of interviews of county WWII Medal of Honor recipients through collaboration with Museums of Middlesex (MOM).
  • Mounted a special exhibition of “African American Culinary Notables from the Middle Peninsula”.
  • Initiated a long term project to research and archive the history of our country stores.  We have begun collecting artifacts, documents, photographs, oral histories, and stories to form a historical database.
  • Completed the professional archiving of over 700 accessions
  • Formed a partnership with the Middlesex County Board of Supervisors for collaboration with the VA Department of Historical Resources.
  • Engaged an additional high school intern to do research, archive artifacts, and create exhibits.
  • Contracted with Consociate Media to build an extensive web site to make our county history available to anyone, anywhere.

With additional financial support, we will be able to continue our current activities and strengthen our 2019 goals by:

  • Maintaining our collaboration with Museums of Middlesex (MOM) and the Middlesex County Office of Economic Development and Tourism to take advantage of new grant opportunities.
  • Supporting our Visitor Center which provides the public with information about community activities, businesses and our history, as well as provide space to hold exhibitions, meetings, family reunions and receptions in the heart of Middlesex County.
  • Increasing our collaboration with Arts in the Middle to provide an array of exhibits throughout the year or feature different artists at work.

In order to continue the growth of our programs, we need your financial support. Your contribution and willingness to become a member of the museum will help us secure, explore, preserve, and share Middlesex County’s unique 350-year heritage. The museum is a 501© (3) tax deductible organization. Please consider making a contribution today.

100% Tax Deductible Contribution / Membership Levels

If you’d like to mail in your donation, please download this donation response form HERE.

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Thank you to our generous donors for helping us keep Middlesex County’s history alive and well preserved for future generations to enjoy!


Mrs. Jean Perkinson Holman
-In memory of Pat Perkinson


Mr. Robert Montague

Mr. & Mrs. David South

Mr. & Mrs. Latane Montague


Ms. Carolyn Davis


Virginia and Jennifer Holman
-In honor of Jean Holman for Mother’s Day

Mr. & Mrs.  Robert Boxley

Mrs. Lurlene Samuel

Ms. Elizabeth Povar

Mr. Lee Davis

Ms. Catherine Smith

Mr. Allen Krowe

Mr. & Mrs. George Throckmorton

Mr. Gerald Fisher

Mrs. Betty Useem (Locust Grove Farm)

Ms. Nancy Simon

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Simpson

Ms. Sally Gayle Revere

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Randolph

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sumrall

Mr. William Smith

Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond, Mr. & Mrs. John Zeugner

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Parrish

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Pitts Lumber Co., INC

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Coloff

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Shores

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Tyer

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Mr. & Mrs. James Robusto

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Richwine

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Street & Branch, INC.

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Maj Gen Sampson H. Bass

Mr. Emory Minter

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Mr. Carl Bowmer


Mr. Neal Barber

Ms. Margaret Eads

Mr. & Mrs. William Goettle

Mr. Paul Pearce

Mr. Richard Stearns & Ms. Andrea Crawford

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Bay Port Painting & Wall Coverings

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Mr. & Mrs. Sigismondi

Mr. Stanley Coloff

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Ms. Jane Birchard

Latest News

Tuskegee Airman George Taylor

“When George A. Taylor first left his hometown of Middlesex, Va., and enlisted in the Army Air Forces to join the Tuskegee Airmen, he did not tell his neighbors and friends of his plans.”

Biography of Raymond W. Burrell Sr., a Homegrown Hero

Among the noted Middlesex County residents featured in our Homegrown Heroes documentary (you can watch it here) was Raymond W. Burrell. Below find his full biography which his family so graciously provided to the Middlesex Museum, as well as photos of Mr. Burrell through the years. 

Raymond Burrell, World War II veteran, turns 100

Burrell turned 100 years old on May 9, 2019. He lives with his daughter in Deltaville and was among the Middlesex County veterans featured in our document series, Homegrown Heroes.

Tichacek Finishes Presentation

Want to add excitement and a little color to your garden ornaments, wrought iron patio furniture, flower pots, planters, statuary, figures and plaques?

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