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Lower United Methodist Church

“Lower United Methodist Church is steeped in history:

It began its life in 1650 as the “Lower Chapel” for the Protestant Episcopal Church of England.  The chapel was replaced by the present brick sanctuary in 1717.  It still retains many of its colonial features such as its original hipped roof of which very few exist today. The church survived the Revolutionary War despite being abandoned by the parish.  The Baptists and Methodists began to use it. Robert Healy helped the Methodists obtain it from the parish in 1857 and here we have remained.”

From the Lower UMC Website.

For many colonial parishes, there is an absence of knowledge of the history due to a loss of early records, but that’s not the case for those in Middlesex County like Lower United Methodist Church. Authentic dates and records give credence to the assumption that worship began at the site of Lower Church in 1650 when a wooden “chapel of ease” was built in the lower precinct of Christ Church parish.

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