Oral History

History. His-story (or her story). Storytelling, long ago, was the only way of communicating the way things once were. We feel there is no better source of history than that of Oral History direct from an individual that lived it.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Listen to the words of these amazing individuals as they recount memories & other historical moments of Middlesex County.



Recent Oral History Posts

An Oral History by Jesse Debusk

Jesse Debusk moved to Urbanna, Virginia from West Virginia in the year 1939. In this talk, she discusses her 40 Years at Bank of Middlesex, ...
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Oral History: Allen Krowe

Mr. Krowe, “AJ” was born in Deltaville into a family going back five generations of living on the Middle Peninsula. AJ lived in New York ...
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Oral History: Patricia Satterfield

Patricia Satterfield was born into a large local family that goes back many generations in Middlesex County, Virginia. Pat’s family and her extended family had ...
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