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The Middlesex County Museum and Historical Society is devoted to fostering the procurement, care, study, and display of objects that are of lasting interest and value to the history and culture of Middlesex County. In addition, the Museum strives to enhance and further the education of members of the community of their history and heritage.

The private sector is our main source of income and in order to continue expanding our mission, we need your financial support. Your contribution and willingness to become a member of the Museum will help us secure, explore, preserve, and share Middlesex County’s unique 354 years of history. The Museum is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. Please make a contribution today.

As a Friend/Member of the Middlesex County Museum, you will be invited to special programs including, virtual lectures & receptions. You will receive regular emails about all museum updates & events, as well as online article postings, exhibits, and more. We invite you to join us as we continue to honor the history & heritage of Middlesex County.

Membership & Donation Level Programs

FRIENDS: $25 – $49

PEWTER: $50 – $99

BRONZE: $100 – $199

SILVER: $200 – $299

GOLD: $300 – $499

PLATINUM: $500 – $999


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2022 Membership Donors

Ms. Helen Chandler
Ms. Jean Holman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prichard
Johnson Controls
Mr. John England
Mr. Richard Scott Krejci
Mr. Joe Longton
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Mansfield
Mr. Robert Montague
Revere Family Foundation
Mrs. Patricia Satterfield
Mr. & Mrs. David South
Mr. Randolph Segar


Mr. RD Johnson
Mr. Allen Krowe
Matthew T BlackWood Foundation Trust
Ms. Sally Gayle Revere


Mrs. Carolyn Boxley
Ms. Carolyn Davis
Ms. Louise Friday
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Shores
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Richwine
Mr. J Garry Clay Jr.
Creative Productions
Ms. Emily Davies
Ms. Lydia Dudley
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Edwards
Faulkner Funeral Homes
Mr. John Gammel
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gorin
Mr. Barry Jett
Mr. Jeffery Jones
Ms. Catherine Smith
Mr.& Mrs. Addison Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Roland Anderson
Mr. Carlton Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Carmichael
Mr. Larry Chowning
Ms. Jana H Crutchfield
Mr. & Mrs. Gordan Cutler
Maude L Davis
Mr. David Dubois
Mr.& Mrs. Paul Fairbrother
Mr. Gerald Fisher
Mr. R E Fisher
Mr. Grady Frame
Mrs. Velma Gray
Mr. William Goldsmith
Ms. Patricia Gould
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hopkins
Ms. Anita Humphreys
Ms. Cynthia Lewis
Ms. Anna Little
Mr. & Mrs. James Maxwell
Middlesex County Womens Club
Ms. Janice Moore
Mr. Joseph Pearce
Mrs. Lazzelle Parker
Ms. Ann De Peyster
Melford Placilla
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ricci
Mr. Steve Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Shores
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Shores
Mrs. Nancy Simon
Dr. David Suyes
Mr. David Taliaferro
Mr. William Tennis
Liz Young
Mr. Dale Waldrop
Ms. Patrice Wake
Ms. Bessida White
Ms. Olena Boyko
Ms. Cecilia King
Ms. Betsy Liljeberg
Mr & Mrs Bruce Desimons
Mr.& Mrs. Rusell
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Archer
Mr. & Mrs. McKim Beale
Mrs. Jane Birchard
Mr. John Blake
Ms. Janet Carson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cook
Ms. Margaret Eads
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Falkenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fears
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Feigum
Mr. & Mrs. Cramer Gilmore
Mr. & Mrs. WIlliam Goettle
Griffin Air LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Goyne
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guillotte
Ms. Duanne Hawkins
Mr. Sherman Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hurd
Mr. Edward Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. James Kennon
Mr. & Mrs. John Koedel
Mr. Henry Lackey
Mr. Allan M Langer
Mrs. Marie Lawrence
Mr. Jerome Lester
Mr. & Mrs. David Lively
Ms. Linda Matthews
Mr. Mrs. Dougls McPhearson
Mr. Robert Mears
Mr. & Mrs. Sal Messina
Mr. & Mrs. John Michos
Eric N Miller D.D.S.,P.C.
Mrs. Mary Morgan
New Hope Fellowship
Mr. Lee Nunnally
Mrs. Pat O’Bannon
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pausic
Ms. Clara Joy Perry
Mrs. Jane Poulin
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Price
Mr. & Mrs. Reed Prugh
Ms. Elizabeth Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Quinn
Ms. Kit Robinson
Ms. Kerry Robusto
Ms. Diane Ruark
Ms. Maria Saunders
Mr. Jeffery Schul
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. William Snider
Mr. Jack Tarran
Ms. Wanda Walton
Ms. Donna Will
Mr. W M Woodson
Mr. Janet Riggs
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Vest

Middlesex Rotary Club 

Marilyn & Dave South


Helen Chandler

Jean Holman

John & Vera England

Scott R. Krejci

Revere Family Foundation

Charles Revere

William Cole in Memory of  Dennis Giligan Museums of Middlesex $5,000

Grace Parker

Carolyn & Bob Boxley

Jim & Milly Wassum

Carolyn Davis

Fred Dolezal

Michelle Puttmann

Dale Waldrop

Lois Williams

Winston Wright

Pamela Wise

Bay Design Group

Shores & Shores, Inc.

Lance S. Shores

Kenneth Chase

R.E. Fisher

Ricky Bowman

Millwood Farm

Frederick Edwards

Elizabeth Young

Bessida Cauthorn White

Cynthia Fleet

Carlton Brooks

Maria Saunders

Barbara Carmichael

Mary Ewell

Anna Little

Middlesex Women’s Club


Deltaville Yachting Center

Waldens Marine, Inc.

Richard Cook

J. Karl Ittner

Robert Phipps, Jr.

Diane Ruark

Virginia Sigismondi

Robert Richard

Patricia Satterfield

The Mathew T. Blackwood Trust Fund

Robert L. Montague lll

Catherine Smith

Bernard Bagby

Bristow-Faulkner Funeral Home

Michael & Karen Gorin

Richard Shores

Faulkner Funeral Home

Larry Shores

Ann DePeyster

Denton Roberts

Jeffrey Jones

Mary Moore

Meredith Scott

Thomas Harris

Ronald Ricci

Diane Cox Basher Communications, Inc.

Reed Prugh

Hugh Falkenstein

Jack Hurd

John Koedel

Suzanne Ramsburg

William Snider ll

Guy Woodard

Nauti Nell’s

Clara Perry

Gary Archer

Elizabeth Quinn

Kathryn Goyne

Douglas McPherson

Jeffrey Shaw

Bruce DeSimone

Franklin Wyker

Hampstead Farms L.L.C.

Clayton Neal

Kathleen Swinehart

Olena Boyko

James Robusto & Family

Kathy Rodgers

Kathy Duke

Rick Stearns

Hank Roden

Mr. & Mrs. William Goettle

Lud Kimbrough

Stuart Wood

William A. Brown


Jim & Beth Maxwell

Janice Compton

Rob Warner

Dudley Eads

Douglas McPherson

Kathy Duke

Kahryne Goyne

Patricia Russell

Duane Hawkins

Claudia Soucek