The Middlesex County Museum & Historical Society is currently CLOSED due to COVID-19.

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The Middlesex County Museum and Historical Society is devoted to fostering the procurement, care, study, and display of objects that are of lasting interest and value to the history and culture of Middlesex County. In addition, the Museum strives to enhance and further the education of members of the community of their history and heritage.

This has been a challenging time and the Museum has been diligently observing all precautions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our main goal for 2020 is to increase the depth of our website by adding the following categories: churches, schools, country stores, forestry, farming, and oral histories. This goal is achievable through the inclusion on the website of
stories, documents, photos, and objects related directly to our county history. This approach will also provide public access to a variety of items in the Museum’s collection that not only will increase the public’s knowledge of the offerings of the Museum, but also will foster an appreciation for local history by preserving artifacts demonstrative of that history. In addition to the enhancement of public access by use of a more user-friendly website, the Museum is exploring how programming can be offered in this era of social distancing.

In 2019 the Museum led the successful effort to have Saluda designated as a Historic District. The required documentation should be completed in the fall of 2020. This designation is meant to recognize the significance of our local government’s strategic location and that location’s impact on our county’s history, while not infringing in any way on the rights of property owners.

In the past the Museum has had close collaborations and working relationships with Museums of Middlesex and Arts in the Middle. These relationships will continue as the three entities join forces to better serve the needs of the county and its citizens.

The private sector is our main source of income and in order to continue expanding our mission, we need your financial support. Your contribution and willingness to become a member of the Museum will help us secure, explore, preserve, and share Middlesex County’s unique 352 years of history. The Museum is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. Please make a contribution today.

If you would like your donation to remain anonymous, please make a note on your check or in your donation form. Thank you!

Thank you to our generous 2019 donors for helping us keep 

Middlesex County’s history alive and well preserved for future generations to enjoy!


Mrs. Jean Perkinson Holman
-In memory of Pat Perkinson

Patricia Satterfield

Helen Chandler

Johnson Controls

Dominion Energy

The Middle Penninsula Garden Club


Mr. Robert Montague

Mr. & Mrs. David South

Mr. & Mrs. Latane Montague


Ms. Carolyn Davis


Virginia and Jennifer Holman
-In honor of Jean Holman for Mother’s Day

Mr. & Mrs.  Robert Boxley

Mrs. Lurlene Samuel

Ms. Elizabeth Povar

Mr. Lee Davis

Ms. Catherine Smith

Mr. Allen Krowe

Mr. & Mrs. George Throckmorton

Mr. Gerald Fisher

Mrs. Betty Useem (Locust Grove Farm)

Ms. Nancy Simon

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Simpson

Ms. Sally Gayle Revere

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Randolph

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sumrall

Mr. William Smith

Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond, Mr. & Mrs. John Zeugner

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Parrish

Mrs. Patricia Russell

Pitts Lumber Co., INC

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Coloff

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Shores

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Tyer

Mrs. Mary Moore

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Mr. Larry Shores

Mr. & Mrs. James Robusto

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Richwine

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Mr. Warren Jones

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Ms. Mary Barnes

Ms. Nadine Flagg

Mr. & Mrs. John Cougill

Mr. Patrick Gould

Mr. & Mrs. John Elkin

Mr. Robert Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Revere

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Farmer

Mr. Eston Cosby

Street & Branch, INC.

Mr. R.E. Fisher, II

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Bray

Maj Gen Sampson H. Bass

Mr. Emory Minter

Mr. John Vicinski

Mr. Carl Bowmer


Mr. Neal Barber

Ms. Margaret Eads

Mr. & Mrs. William Goettle

Mr. Paul Pearce

Mr. Richard Stearns & Ms. Andrea Crawford

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