Deltaville History

Once known as “Sandy Bottom”, the town of Deltaville was named such due to how it is positioned on a Delta with the Rappahannock River to the north & the Piankatank River to its south. The area is know for its rich history in the boat building industry, as well as its famous Stingray Point, named after Captain John Smith’s close encounter with the “winged” sea creature.

Originally known as “Sandy Bottom”, the town changed it’s name in 1909 to “Deltaville” due to the town being positioned on a delta: the Rappahannock River to the north, the Piankatank River to the south, and the Chesapeake Bay to the east. There are many historical stories about the area.

Jackson Creek: Then & Now

It’s amazing what some time can do! Sand bars move, beaches recede, trees grow tall, and channels change!! Check out these shots of Jackson Creek in the 1930s compared to

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