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First Middlesex County Women to Cast Their Vote

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day!

August 26, 1920

The following record of the first women to vote in Middlesex is comprised of women from the Saluda and Pinetop Districts.

‘Those from the Saluda District were:

Lucy Blakey Royal, Gay Wright, Emma Lee Ball, Mary Wright Blackwell, Eleanor Ball Kipps, Blanche H. Saunders, Vir­ginia McCandlish Evans, Bessie Mae Brown, Susie D. Lawson, F. E. Bristow, Flossie B, Eastman, Annie H. Puller, Sarah 0. Tucker, Mrs.Nellie S. Smith, Sadie L. Segar,Hattie S. Segar, Bessie M. Brown, Emma L. Ball, Lucy E. Blakey, Lena Blakey, Lottie L. Davis, Winnie D. Dietz, Mary Grinels, Estelle Walker, Gay W. Wright, Lillian B. Wallace, Gladys B. Kerr, Ida M. Bristow, Fan­nie P. Woodward, Fannie B. Bristow, Julia P. Anderson, Mrs. Ray Callis, Florence E. Gray, Lillian P. Gray, Mrs. Temple B. Hoskins, Nannie M. McCandlish, Bernice E. Neale, Lucy W. Pitts, Ella M. Stubbs, Fannie R. Smither, Eugenia W. Shackelford, Annie C. Smith, Lucy G. Anderton, Virginia M. Walden, Blanche S. Webb, Cornelia E. Bristow, Margaret H. Barnhardt, lVlarv E. Davis, Irma Davis, Mamie A. Edwards, Louise Harwood, Sally Harwood, l’vlary P. Harwood, Lottie C. Jones, Maude S. Lee, Lucille Moore, Martha E. Owen, M.A. Pratt and Lena S.Segar.

The first women voters of Pinetop District were:

Mrs. Jessie R. Pitt, Mrs. Marion M. Barrick, Mrs. Mary Burnes Daniel, Mrs. Mary Margaret Daniel, Mrs. Eudora W. Daniel,Mrs.Annie G. Walton,Mrs. Ida B. Ferneyhough, Mrs. Mattie Major Hart, Mrs. Annie McNamara He;ily, Mrs. Susie Duvru Lawson, Mrs. Nannie H. W. Segar, Mrs.Grace Vaden Bennett, Mrs. Fannie R. Barrick, Mrs. Bettie W. French, Mrs. Lillian B. Mercer, Mrs. Nelson Howard McNamara, Mrs. Elizabeth Pitt, Mrs. Lucy Hall Revere, 1Vlrs. Mary W. Revere, Mrs. Nellie L. Stiff, Miss Alice Stiff, Mrs. Clinton W. Stiff, Mrs. Fannie A. Stiff and Mrs. Laura W. Woodland.

(Signatures in Time; A Living History of Middlesex County, Virginia, pg. 379)  

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