Middlesex History

Middlesex County, Virginia is full of rich history that goes back through the 19th century- and beyond. The county is comprised of several populated places throughout its 211 square mile area, however there are three towns that seem to be more well known to those visiting the area: Urbanna, Deltaville, and Saluda.

Middlesex County Museum has many exhibits and articles that cover the history of all of the designated areas of the county. We invite you to browse them here on our internet archives or in person, here at the museum.

Saluda Hotel Accession

Located across the street from the courthouse, the Saluda Hotel operated from 1855-1937 and provided county visitors with lodging and meals. This brick, three-story structure

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Shorelines of Middlesex

Middlesex County is blessed with a wonderful geographic location that has provided its inhabitants, since its founding, with important life amenities. Today as in 1670,

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New Exhibit Is Open

Middlesex Early Inhabitants has opened in the visitor center and showcases fossils and Native American artifacts found in the local waters and soils of Virginia.

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