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Christ Church Parish

Some thirty years after the colonists landed at Jamestown the earliest Church of England on the Middle Peninsula, Piankatank Church, was built in the area of present day Hartfield. On January 29, 1666, “seventeen Vestrymen from the parishes of Piankatank and Lancaster met at the home of Sir Henry Chichley’ to combine the two congregations into a single parish and build a new “Mother” church.

The newly created Christ Church Parish grew to importance in the center of the tobacco fields of the new colony and would be led by some of the most prominent and wealthy of the Cavalier planters of Virginia.”

The current brick church was completed in 1714 to replace the original wooden church located in the same area. Christ Church Parish has an active congregation that enjoys worshipping in a beautiful space and using silver service pieces dating back to the early 1700’s.

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Christ Church Parish Middlesex, Virginia 1666-2016 Gordon Eliot White pg 2

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