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Museum Display and Exhibit Updates

There has been lots of action in the museum and the visitor center this month as we make way for the new floor plan and layout of the emerging displays. Many items from the General Store will go into storage. Here we see Museum Board member Scott Krejci listing, dusting and wrapping items to be moved. The tobacco collection, which included tobacco boxes, tins and advertising, was his main focus.

The doll portion of children’s toys is moving into part of the old general store shelving. They can be seen here in this photo in front of the case that they will be moved into.

Our high school intern is seen in this photo building rolling shelving that will be added to the collections room. The items removed from the general store will be itemized into our accessioning software program and archived on these shelves.

Natural History objects were accessioned and added to their new display case

Native American ceremonial artifacts were found in storage and pulled to be added to the display in the visitor center. And part of the graphics arrived from the printer for the exhibit.

At Puller Park holes were dug for the new bushes to be installed around the flagpole in the new Puller Memorial Park. Thirteen holes were readied for the holly and boxwood bushes and tree that are soon to follow.

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