An Afternoon at Providence

May 21, 2023 @ 2:00 pm

Providence, one of Middlesex County’s early architectural treasures, stands along the Piankatank River in the eastern part of the county.  It is a fitting location for the Middlesex County Museum and Historical Society’s spring fundraiser which will take place the afternoon of May 21. Join us on the lawn for a beautiful gathering

Built around 1760, the original aspects of the one and a half-storied colonial house include hand-hewn beams held together with wooden pegs, massive brick walls and 5 chimneys standing over an English basement. It is a testament to the achievements of early eighteenth-century architecture and colonial tidewater Virginia.

The speaker for the event, The Reverend Dr. Robert Prichard, Professor of Church History at the Virginia Theological Seminary, will discuss the Political, Economic and Religious State of Virginia in the 1760’s, the time period of when the house was built.

The gathering will be Sunday afternoon, May 21 from 2:00-4:00 PM with appetizers and cash bar.

Update – Please use this YouTube link to watch the video of the event

Cost is $35 a ticket for adults, $30 a ticket for members, and for Students, $25 a ticket. All proceeds benefit the operation of our local museum that focuses on the history of Middlesex County. Tickets may be purchased online from our website ( or on the day of the event.

$35 Adult Ticket Link – – $30 Member Ticket Link – – $25 Student Ticket Link

Sponsorships are also available …. Please contact the Museum or purchase online with the links below.

$500 Sponsorship (includes 4 tickets)

$250 Sponsorship (includes 2 tickets)

$100 Sponsorship (includes 1 ticket)

Great Update ….. Luna!!

Beforehand, the 1768 Replica Sloop Luna will be tied up at the dock at Providence for one to board and learn about the early vessels that supplied our colonists with essential goods. Jock Collamore will be dressed in costume and give a tour of Luna. She is a reproduction 18th century coastal trading sloop characterized by her single mast raked back 16 degrees from vertical and her long bowsprit and jibboom extending off the bow. She carries a unique rig with carvings that surround her stern. Known as ships carvings comprised of finishing boards and transom arches, these ornamental embellishments helped tell the ships historical story or purpose. And Lunas are no exception! Depicting Lunas Virginia Heritage, the finishing boards along the sides depict coffee beans, a rare and expensive import to the colony. Along the transom arches can be found Virginias cash crop, tobacco. Among the tobacco leaves cacao pods and cotton can be

found. The Virginia state tree, the flowering dogwood is also present. Sitting center, holding Lunas stern light is the state fossil the Chesapectan Jeffersonius. And finally, flanking the fossil shell are Lunas phases of the moon from waxing to waning.

Luna will be tied up at the dock at Providence on the Piankatank River and available for people to explore from 2:00PM to 3:00PM. At 3:00 PM Providence owner Bill Cawthorn will give an overview of the historical house.