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Saluda Historic District

The museum is building an exhibit around the Saluda Historic District and is asking for residents to share objects and stories related to life in this area of the county.

Middlesex girls in dazzling white pose for the camera with pretty smiles.

Middlesex girls in dazzling white pose for the camera with pretty smiles.

 Did your family ever have dinner at the Saluda Hotel? Trade goods at the General store? Were you married at Antioch Baptist Church?

What about court cases? Are there any stories related to a historic court case heard at the court house? Were your family members on juries with interesting witnesses? Did you bank at Bank of Middlesex in the historic bank before it was torn down? Any old checks from there? Savings bonds, seasonal calendars or the likes?

Did you have your car serviced at the filling station? Any old pictures of the car or stories to tell of its trips? Do you still have the keys from it or hanging fuzzy dice?

Photos from family picnics, croquet games or holiday meals held in the houses along Gloucester Road or General Puller Highway? Pictures of family gathered round the Christmas tree or involved in the family Easter egg hunt?

Please, pursue your family photo albums and see what gems are hiding there. And share, share, share. The more people share, the more interesting the exhibit!

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