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A New Look At John Mottrom & The Secrets To His Success

An Article Written By Donald Robert (Rob) Warner for the Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Magazine. Rob Warner’s home on the Piankatank River is about 6 miles upstream of Mottrom’s Mount.

Connecting the dots: John Mattrom & Middlesex County.

     John Mottrom was an early colonist in Virginia, arriving about 1630, and is known today as the First Settler of Northumberland County.

      In 1642, the first land patents were given out for what would become Middlesex County.  John Mottrom received one of the first 6 given out on the north side of the Piankatank River.  He received 1900 acres in return for transporting 38 people (Marylander’s) to Virginia.  His family operated Mottroms Mount Plantation (also called Mottrom’s Hundred) until 1666. 

        In 1648 Northumberland officially became a county which included the following counties we know of today as: Middelsex County, Lancaster County, Westmoreland County, and Richmond County, leaving John with two properties in Northumberland County; his Mottrom’s Mount, 1900 acres on the Piankatank River (now Middlesex County) and Coan Hall 1100 acres on the Coan River. 

Today Mottrom’s Mount includes waterfront and land in Middlesex County from East of Fairfield Landing Rd.  to West of Twigg’s Ferry Rd. (Route 3). 

Property names you may recognize as Barn Elms, Bath Farm, River Run subdivision, Mariners Woods subdivision, Berkley Island and Stampers Bay.

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