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The Rappanna Theatre of Urbanna, Virginia

Growing up in Urbanna, Virginia in the early 30s was a happening time with many things to do, including watching a film at the Rappanna Theatre located on the Main Street of the town (now known as Old Virginia Street).

Looking at the street today, this building would have been nestled between the buildings that house the Virginia ABC Store & Something Different Restaurant.

The Rappanna Theatre originally opened its doors in October of 1931, and had enough seating for over 200 people.

When the original building burned down in 1949, it was replaced with a new building that could hold even more with balcony & orchestra seating.

The Rappanna remained open up until the early 1980s.

Three of the Rappana Theatre’s seats can be found at the museum.

Do you remember watching a feature film in the old Rappanna Theatre? Send us your stories and the first film you remember seeing there!

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